ISPCAN Sweden 2024 - Working Together to Protect Children in Times of Crisis



Date: August 18-21, 2024

ISPCAN SWEDEN2024 brings together the brightest minds in child protection from every sector to innovate and share best practices.  Join us to keep pushing the boundaries of research and practice to ensure that all children have the chance to thrive no matter what their experience.

The international congress provides keynotes, panels, breakouts, workshops, speaker Q&A sessions, wellness, social programs and an expo hall. Sessions will be led by leaders who are pioneering research and practices in various countries and complex situations across a wide range of sectors. The keynotes will feature industry luminaries as well as speakers from various sectors who will share the learnings from their initiatives. Typically over 65 countries delegates attend.  The goal is to give regional and global leaders the tools and practices they need to develop and deploy improvements to child protection and improve outcomes for children and families.  The key themes are listed below if you would like to submit an abstract (summary of research or practice) to be a presenter in the congress.

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  • Epidemiology of child maltreatment

  • Understanding and Mitigating Children’s Exposure to Violence

  • Quality improvement, implementation of evidence-based policy and practice, and interagency collaboration in child protection

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  • Trauma-informed care in multidisciplinary practice

  • Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to address the intersection of child maltreatment with structural racism, mis/disinformation, colonization, denialism, and bias

  • Children and youth in out-of-home social care, conflict, displacement, and migration

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Submit an Abstract by January 31