Join Us for the ISPCAN European International Congress


ISPCAN European International Congress

  • Dates: September 24-27, 2023
  • Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Advancements in Child Protection Administrative Data and Solutions for Tackling Child Exploitation and Abuse 

Understanding the prevalence and nature of Child Abuse

Learning on definitions, typologies and improving data quality for measuring Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (CSEA) and other forms of child abuse and neglect

Advancements in measuring the magnitude of CSEA and other forms of child abuse and neglect

Administrative data insights into the scale and nature of CSEA and other forms of child abuse and neglect

Law enforcement data challenges

Advancements in policing research and practice for responding to and preventing child abuse and neglect

Approaches to handling big administrative data on cybercrimes (including innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning approaches).

Linked data approaches between administrative datasets and multiple child protection system actors

Advancements in data and learning to tackle online violence against children

Research and practice highlighting the online-offline continuum of CSEA and other forms of child abuse and neglect

Evidence on the prevalence, nature and drivers of online harms against children

Research and practice contributing to understanding what works to prevent online harms against children

Collaborative working models and promising practice

Multi-agency model approaches to administrative data coordination and use (CACs, ICACs, Barnahaus, Women and Child Protection Units, one-stop centers, etc)

Evaluation and practice examples of collaborative working models for responding to and preventing the continuum of online and offline harms to children

Examples of research to practice and practice to research models for building better capabilities, systems and data partnerships

Response, practice and prevention efforts

Monitoring and evaluation and contributing to ‘What Works’ for preventing and responding to child abuse and neglect

Learning in child helplines/hotlines development, integration in child protection systems and analysis of data

Hospital and hospital-based child advocacy centre/children’s services data, big data and predictive policing

Case studies, best and promising practice