Localization for Early Childhood Development and Child Protection in Guatemala

Georgetown University Collaborative on Global Children's Issues

Time: 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. EDT 

In Guatemala, children and their caregivers face severe impacts from entrenched socioeconomic injustice, with intertwined and emerging consequences. Violence, organized crime, the lack of educational and livelihood opportunities, and family reunification drive internal displacement and migration from mainly the western, predominantly Indigenous regions of the country. 

During this webinar, participants will focus on identifying effective strategies that support local organizations and employ a “whole family” or “two-generation” approach to early childhood development and protection for children on the move and their families. This event is part of the Breakthrough Series Collaborative on Promoting Early Childhood Development for Young Children on the Move in Northern Central America, an effort to learn from innovative community-based responses to address the early childhood development (ECD) and protection needs of children aged 0 to 6 on the move and in displacement settings in northern Central America. This collaborative project is funded by the Bainum Family Foundation's Global Education Fund (GEF), which seeks to increase equity in access to quality early care and education for young children worldwide by supporting and learning from local community-led projects serving children and families. The goal is to share knowledge and innovation through co-creation.

The webinar will be in English and Spanish, with simultaneous interpretation. We encourage participants to submit their questions for the speakers in advance, in either English or Spanish, to globalchildren@georgetown.edu



Nancy Yomira Roblero Pérez

Founder and Director, Jóvenes por el Cambio (JXC)

Nikki Enersen

Acting Deputy Director, Inclusive Development Hub, USAID

Corey Oser

Vice President, Programs, Global Fund for Children

Marta Xicay

Program Coordinator, Global Fund for Children

Mara Tissera Luna (moderator)

Program Manager, Collaborative on Global Children’s Issues