Resources to Support Parent Leadership Development

National Family Support Network


Why does Parent Leadership development matter for Family Support and Strengthening Programs?

How do Parent Cafés engage and affirm parents as leaders?

How do the Parent Leadership and Parent Advisory Committee development resources that national organizations offer complement each other?

Developed by Parent Leaders, Parent Cafés are physically and emotionally safe spaces where parents and caregivers explore their strengths, learn about the Strengthening Families Protective Factors, and create strategies from their own wisdom and experiences to help strengthen their families. Since they were first launched in 2007, these cafes have further diversified into Dads CafésA More Perfect Union Parent Cafés, and Vitality Cafés.

A Parent Advisory Committee is a leadership group of Program participants that provides input, guidance, and feedback to a Program on a regular basis. An active Parent Advisory Committee can be a highly effective method of supporting meaningful parent engagement, developing parent leadership skills, and supporting a Program’s success.

The National Family Support Network and Be Strong Families will join together to provide an overview of the value of these Parent Leadership opportunities for both programs and parents/caregivers. The organizations will detail resources, tools, technical assistance, and trainings they have available to support meaningful parent leadership development, including the Developing and Sustaining Effective Parent Advisory Committees Training and Parent Cafes. The webinar will be co-presented by staff and national parent leaders.


Who Should Participate:

National, state, and local policymakers, public departments, Children's Trust Fund staff, private funders, Family Support and Strengthening Network leaders and representatives, Family Support and Strengthening Program management staff



  • Alexandra James, Be Strong Families
  • Julie Day & Julie Matusick, National Family Support Network


The webinar will be held 20 November 2019.