Webinar: Child Safeguarding and COVID-19

Keeping Children Safe

Keeping Children Safe is organising free online webinars on the subject of Child Safeguarding and COVID-19 – available wherever you are in the world.

The global emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has increased existing safeguarding risks, as well as adding some new risks too. As part of Keeping Children Safe's mission, they have identified ways of implementing the International Child Safeguarding Standards during the pandemic, and made them available to organisations, so they can make sure no child comes to harm during these tough times.

Registrations are now open

25 June, 11:00 (Asia/Kolkata) – https://bit.ly/3dkbpp2

29 June, 10:30 (Europe/London) – https://bit.ly/3ethejCovid

30 June, 12:00 (Africa/Johannesburg) – https://bit.ly/3eEs9aDAfrica

Webinar content

The session consists of two parts:

  • An introduction to KCS, what they do, the concept of child safeguarding, and a brief presentation of the international standards
  • An overview of the safeguarding risks during the COVID-19 pandemic, and possible mitigation strategies