Webinar: More Than Our Stories: Strategies for how to meaningfully engage care leavers in care reform

The Kenya Society of Care Leavers (KESCA), the Uganda Care Leavers (UCL), Better Care Network, and Changing the Way We Care

The Kenya Society of Care Leavers (KESCA), the Uganda Care Leavers (UCL), The Better Care Network and Changing the Way We Care are delighted to invite policy makers, practitioners, advocates and careleavers to a unique opportunity to listen and learn from two leaders of careleaver associations.

Our special guests Ruth Wacuka of the Kenya Society of Care Leavers and Mai Nambooze of Uganda Care Leavers will highlight two recent documents that illustrate the careleaver experience within and outside of care in a discussion moderated by Kelley Bunkers of Maestral International. The webinar will provide guidance on how to intentionally engage careleavers in programming and advocacy in a manner that reflects their voices, opinions and agency.

Informed by their lived experiences, Ruth and Mai will provide examples of how careleavers have organized, advocated and engaged in different elements of care reform and will challenge policy makers, practitioners and programs to do the same. The presenters will share the experience of establishing care leaver groups as a means of motivating other countries and contexts to form their own associations and advocacy platforms.

The webinar was held on 30 October 2019 from 9-10:30am EDT/4-5:30pm East Africa. View the webinar recording here or below.