Webinar: Social Workers-The Missing Link in HIV Care: Developing An HIV-Sensitive Case Management System in Namibia


Case management is essential in prevention of HIV and support to children and families living with and affected by HIV, and includes a focus on how to increase linkages with HIV services and to ensure social workers can support the complex cases of children affected by HIV.  HIV-sensitive case management can:

  • Ensure that children who are in need of protective services are rapidly referred to HIV prevention and support services and that their HIV needs are followed up;
  • Improve the chances for children and parents/guardians/caregivers/families who are isolated from health services to access HIV counselling, testing and treatment and support services;
  • Increase and improve linkages between HIV prevention, care and support services and other family-strengthening services

An HIV-sensitive case management system is a way to enhance HIV-affected children’s and families’ resilience, and it is highly recommended that any child living with HIV receives a level of case management.

This webinar will address:

  • What components need to be included in a case management system so that it is sensitive to meeting the needs of HIV-affected families?
  • How can the social service welfare system and the front-line social workers be prepared to meet the needs of HIV-affected families?
  • How can the social service welfare system contribute to health outcome goals of preventing HIV?
  • How did Namibia develop a case management system to support social workers in meeting the needs of children and families affected by HIV?

Date and Time: April 12, 8:30am EDT; 2:30pm Namibia