Webinar: Strengths and Stressors Assessment Tool - An ecological approach to assessing and working with at-risk families

  • The webinar will take place April 4th at 10:00am-11:30am EDT

This webinar will introduce you to an ecological approach to measure needs (stressors) and identify strengths among at-risk families. The Strengths and Stressors Assessment (Berry, 2008) is an ecologically-based assessment that measures strengths and stressors on the following domains: environment, parental capabilities, social support, family interactions, family safety, and child well-being.

The SSA was originally designed and tested with families involved in the child protection system in the United States. Among the US sample, the SSA was able to distinguish between factors associated with child physical abuse and child neglect and met established criteria for reliability and validity.

While originally designed for working with families in the US child protection system, the SSA, has been adapted to use in family-serving organizations and with different populations.