Webinar: The Need for Governments to Consult Child Protection Advisers when Loosening COVID-19 Lockdown Restrictions (English version)

Advocacy Working Group COVID-19 Advocacy Team (CAT), The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action

In April, the Spanish government was about to loosen COVID-19 lockdown restrictions for children, but was compelled to delay the policy when the Spanish Platform of Children’s NGOs raised safeguarding concerns that government officials had never considered.

This webinar will examine the Spanish incident as a case study for why governments should consult child protection advisers when loosening lockdown orders. A panel including the Director of the Spanish Platform and representatives from UNICEF (Spain), Educo and Red Cross (Spain) will also provide practical guidance for child protection experts to advocate for a seat at the table when their governments consider when and how to lift COVID-19 restrictions.

The webinar will be held on 21 July at 8:30am EDT