Become an Associate with Maestral


Maestral International is seeking a new associate in each of three technical areas:

  1. violence against children,
  2. monitoring and evaluation, and
  3. public expenditure. 

We are accepting applications now through 21 October 2021. More information about the openings and the application are available on Maestral’s website

About Being a Maestral Associate

Maestral International is a team of independent consultants who are associated with the organization. They benefit from the shared organizational knowledge, learning opportunities, resources, administrative and management support, project opportunities, and the Maestral network. Maestral Associates maintain their independence but are asked to commit to doing 80% of their consulting work through Maestral. All Maestral Associates work remotely from their country of residence. No relocation is required.

The selected candidate for this position will first become an Affiliated Consultant. During this time, the Affiliated Consultant will pursue project opportunities through Maestral and begin working on awarded projects. The Affiliated Consultant will be evaluated on their performance. With satisfactory performance, the Consultant will be invited onto Maestral’s team as an Associate or Senior Associate—depending on years of experience and ability to serve as team lead on projects.