Call for Abstracts for 3rd International Young Carers Conference: “Identify, Support, Listen to young carers”

Nka (The Swedish Family Care Competence Centre) Linnaeus University and Eurocarers

The 3rd International Young Carers Conference will build on the conclusions from the 2nd International Conference and will reflect on the concrete actions required to enable young carers to reach their full potential. The need to “IDENTIFY, SUPPORT, AND LISTEN TO YOUNG CARERS” are the main recommendations identified by young carers themselves during the previous conference and this entails the participation of a wide range of stakeholders.

The event organizers are now seeking abstracts. Submissions can focus on researchpolicy initiative, practice, legislation or an experience. The organizers are open to submissions on innovative projects, policies and practices. Submissions are due 28 February 2020.

Abstracts should be presented and submitted in English.

The conference hosts welcome abstract submissions from different categories of stakeholders, among which: researchers (including early researchers, masters and PhD students); professionals/managers from school, health, social care sectors; NGOs; young/young adult/former young carers; legislators and policy makers.

Reduced conference fees are envisaged for carers’ organisations, voluntary associations, non-governmental organisations, students and young carers.

Different formats of presentations will be accommodated:

  • Individual oral paper presentations part of a larger session (Time allocation: 15 minutes per paper)
  • Symposia (Time allocation: 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes)
  • Videos (Time allocation: 5 minutes for the video plus 10 minutes for discussion with the audience)