Call for Consultancy Services – Zambia Rising Project under Save the Children

Save the Children

Consultant: Development of a National Strategy for Child Care Reform and its Implementation Plan.

Objective of the Consultancy:

The consultancy will support the Department of Social Welfare through the Alternative Care Technical Working Group to document and compile information for the development of a draft strategy with implementation plan for the National Child Care Reform based on the current  legal frameworks, Government’s vision for Child Care Reform, on-going efforts (by Civil Society Partners and Cooperation Partners) to strengthen Child Care systems, including Alternative Care and Reintegration for children into family-based care, in Zambia. The Plan will be developed based on the current interventions, identification of gaps, short-term and long term actions geared towards Child  Care Reforms and to ensure  coordination, family strengthening, Alternative Care, prevention and gate keeping services are captured.

Description of Services:

The consultant(s) will be required to work under the direction of the Department of Social Welfare through the MCDSS with support from the Zambia Rising technical team to collate and gather information to produce a National and Strategy for Child Care, including Alternative Care with its implementation plan.  The Consultant will be required to work with a team of specialized experts in costing and budgeting of the implementation plan.

The deadline for submission is 11th February 2018 by 12:00 hours.