Call for Special Issue of GSC on Separated Childhoods

Global Studies of Childhood

The Global Studies of Childhood journal is soliciting an interdisciplinary collection of articles exploring a range of fields concerned with promoting wellbeing and education outcomes amongst children who have experienced separation from their family and may also have experience of a (re-)integration process into family and/or community life. The editorial board are particularly interested in the global south.

Separation of children from family refers to their unnecessary separation from parents or extended families, which the recent UN Rights of the Child resolution urges states to invest in preventing through an inclusive and multidisciplinary approach. Such separation from family and community care can be the result of multiple forms of abuse, discrimination and disadvantage, such as sexual exploitation, trafficking, forced labour, domestic violence, neglect, or having a disability etc.

The journal is particularly interested in intersectionalities across traditional fields of research and practice. For example: poverty and abuse may lead a young person to become street-connected and experience similar issues of displacement, inability to access education, and discrimination, as young people who are forcibly displaced due to conflict; unsupported children who identify as having a different sexual orientation are more at risk of being trafficked, sexually exploited and street-connected in many countries; and unaccompanied migrant children can become street-connected in their host countries. These intersections of drivers and experiences of separation problematise a siloed focus on different groups of children when much can be learned from the commonalities and the differences identified.

An interdisciplinary approach can inform human rights and best interests of the child approaches to the prevention of separation as well as programmes focused on the reintegration and/or transition of separated children into situations that ensure improved wellbeing.

Abstracts to be in by end of Jan 2021

Invitations to submit full papers will be sent by February 28, 2021

Deadline for full papers of no more than 6000 words: June 30, 2021

Review process and revision: July 15 – October 30, 2021

Deadline for final manuscripts: November 15, 2021

Anticipated submission date for the Special Issue: mid January 2022 for March publication.