Case Management Training Consultant: Developing a Framework for Child Protection Workforce Development and Case Management in India,

Global Social Service Workforce Alliance

A well-supported, appropriately equipped, empowered, and protected social service workforce is essential to mitigating the damaging effects of the COVID19 pandemic. Workforce development is a critical component of the child protection strategy of UNICEF India. The child protection workforce in India includes all categories of people who work on behalf of vulnerable children and families.

The Child Protection Section of UNICEF India has engaged the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance (the Alliance) to map and undertake a comprehensive capacity gap assessment of the existing child protection workforce in five states in India, and then propose a framework for strengthening this workforce informed by the above, with special emphasis on case management.

The purposes of the overall project, of which this consultancy is a part, are to:

1. Carry out a workforce mapping and capacity gap assessment in five states.

2. Develop a comprehensive strategy for child protection workforce development and strengthening along with an implementation roadmap.

3. Develop training modules on case management for key child protection cadres in co-ordination with the Government of India MCWD and State Government departments, building on existing training processes.

The case management training consultant will work as part of the Alliance team, in close coordination with the Alliance Director and the Communications and Advocacy Manager, and the national team consisting of a national coordinator, and five state consultants (one for each state), who would be supporting the overall mapping and capacity gap analysis, of which this case management assignment would form a part.

Application deadline is 26 February 2021.