Child Protection Consultant, Berlin, Germany


UNICEF is seeking a Child Protection Consultant in Germany. The purpose of the consultancy is to provide support to the Refugee and Migrant response in Germany in the area of child protection by leading a working group of the Initiative (comprised of Initiative partners and protection coordinators) in developing guidance on the implementation of Minimum Protection Standard 4 - prevention of and dealing with situations of violence and suspected violence/risk management (for information on the Standards, please see background information). This guidance will be developed in close coordination with the UNICEF M&E consultant in Germany who is currently developing implementation guidance for Minimum Protection Standard 6 (Monitoring and evaluating the protection plan), and the UNICEF Programme Specialist/Field Manager in Germany. Further, counterparts at the Ministry of Family Affairs are to be regularly updated, so as to ensure the wider Initiative is informed and consulted at key moments in the development of the guidance.