Child Protection in Emergencies, Kinshasa, DRC


UNICEF is seeking a Child Protection Coordinator in Kinshasa, DRC. Responsibilities of this position include:

1.Child Protection AoR Preparedness and Response Planning.

  • Enhance Child Protection AoR preparedness and response planning efforts by supporting the timely completion of rapid evaluation assessments.

  •  Keep track of trends affecting the implementation of the various Child Protection AoR members in their efforts to scale up child protection in emergencies programme response, including identification, documentation family tracing and reunification, gender-based violence, mental health and psycho-social support, mine risk education.

  •  Pay special attention to early recovery and transition programming efforts (systems building in emergency settings).

 2. Communication, Collaboration, Networking and Partnership.


  • Ensure exchange of information, experience, identify new strategies and courses of action to accelerate/improve delivery of services and achieve Child Protection AoR requirements and objectives. Conduct field visits to provide guidance and support to members of the child protection AoR working on emergency preparedness and response, monitor programme responses and collect information.

  • Collaborate with communication colleagues to ensure development of effective and relevant Child Protection AoR communication materials and strategies to support advocacy and social mobilization.

  • Overall coordination with Global Child Protection AoR Advisor and team, Regional CPIE Specialists and HQ Officers. Recognizing the centrality of protection, collaborate with other cluster coordinators/child protection/programme officers to ensure the integration of the child protection in emergencies interventions with other sectors. Interact with partners, NGOs, UN and bilateral agencies in the different stages of Child Protection AoR-related interventions.


3. Child Protection AoR Knowledge Management

  • Promote Child Protection AoR knowledge management by exchange of knowledge, information, situation analysis, experience, best practice or lessons learned; promote knowledge sharing/transfer and technical input or recommendations on major programme directions and on introduction of new initiatives among Child Protection AoR members in DRC.


4. Child Protection AoR Work Plan Development, Implementation, and Monitoring.

  • Takes primary responsibility for the development of the Child Protection AoR work plan and technical decisions.  Monitor work progress and ensure results are achieved according to schedule and humanitarian performance standards.


5. Child Protection AoR Response Delivery, Evaluation and Reporting.

  • Support child protection rapid assessment efforts and ensure reports are widely available. Participate in major evaluation exercises, Child Protection AoR reviews. Ensure timely and quality contributions to various Situation Reports.


6. CP AoR resource mobilization

  • Support resource mobilization for Child Protection AoR-related interventions in the country with key donors.

Application deadline is 22 January 2018.