Child Protection (Justice) Specialist, P-3, Suva, Fiji


UNICEF is seeking a Child Protection Specialist in Fiji. The Child Protection Specialist reports to the Chief, Child Protection P4 for guidance and general supervision. The Specialist supports the development and preparation of the Legislation and Policy Development, Justice for Children and Birth Registration Components of the Child Protection Programme in 14 Pacific Island Countries and Territories and is responsible for managing, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and reporting of progress of these Components within the country program. The Specialist provides technical guidance and management support throughout the programming processes to facilitate the administration and achievement of concrete and sustainable UNICEF contribution to national and international efforts to create a protective environment for children against all harm and to protect their rights to survival, development and well-being as established under the Convention on the Rights of the Child, international treaties/framework and UN intergovernmental bodies.

The Specialist contributes to achievement of results according to plans, allocation, results based-management approaches and methodology (RBM) and UNICEF's Strategic Plans, standards of performance and accountability framework.

Application deadline is 3 December 2017