Collective Impact Consultant – Moldova start-up

Changing the Way We Care

Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC) is seeking a consultant to prepare a framework, strategy and resources around collective impact to help inform and guide its new initiative in Moldova, the CTWWC Chief of Party (COP) in Moldova, and the implementing partners. The consultant will design and lead a collective impact start-up workshop, introducing key concepts and facilitating a diverse group of actors, both government and non, towards a common starting point. The consultant will work closely with the Moldova Chief of Party (TBD), the Global Technical Director, Moldovan implementing partners, and the wider CTWWC team. While the in-person workshop is envisioned for April 2021, timing may need to be adjusted depending on the COVID-19 public health measures that are in place at that time.

Applicants must submit a CV that demonstrates qualifications and a list of clients/projects that he/she has supported. In addition, applicants should submit a 2-4 page summary of their approach to conducting the assignment and completing the deliverables. Please include established daily rate. 

All applications must be submitted via email to no later than September 10, 2020.