Consultancy: Development of the National Action Plan and Roadmap on Alternative Care, UNICEF Thailand, Bangkok

UNICEF Thailand

The Child Protection Section, UNICEF Thailand Country Office (TCO) is seeking an individual consultant to develop the National Action Plan and Roadmap on Alternative Care.

Work Assignment: Develop the National Plan of Action and Roadmap on Alternative Care

The development of the National Plan of Action and Roadmap will draw on information gathered from review and analysis of the following:

  • Desk Review
  • Review (20 years) National Strategy, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MSDHS) direction on Alternative Care, MSDHS five-year strategy, and National Child Protection Strategy
  • Existing alternative care related law and policies
  • Tracking Tool Report
  • Proposed draft Alternative care Strategy by the Convention on the Rights of the Child Coalition for Thailand – Alternative Care Working Group (CRCCT – AC WG)
  • Interview and Focus group discussion with key stakeholders drawn from the Department of Children and Youth (DCY) / MSDHS personnel, Head of Shelters, Provincial Child Protection Committee, Sub-District Administration Office, and CRCCT – AC Working Group, including representatives from relevant government agencies, and independent expert on alternative care
  • Short, medium and long-term plan of action with indicators


The consultant will be responsible for all research and analysis and will work closely with the UNICEF Child Protection Team and DCY. The consultant will manage and organize all necessary meetings with respondents. The Child Protection Team will provide technical comments and advice and may in some instances participate in meetings. The National Plan of Action and Roadmap will be a DCY document and therefore final clearance on its content rests with DCY.