Director I - Global Influence, Learning, and Engagement

Changing the Way We Care

Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC) is seeking a Director who will be responsible for developing and managing an influence and engagement strategy and for providing strategic leadership, oversight and coordination of a team of CTWWC experts and partners. 


CTWWC’s Theory of Change is based on learning and evidence generated from demonstration country programs, and maximizing this learning towards influencing commitments and practice amongst key actors in favor of family-based care. As a member of the CTWWC Senior Management Team, the Director works alongside the CTWWC Technical Director and Senior Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL) Advisor to ensure that the CTWWC Learning Agenda meets the needs of the influence and engagement strategy across various levels of the initiative. In particular, the Director provides leadership on: what the learning needs are amongst social actors who are the intended influence audiences and designing appropriate learning products and dissemination methods to effectively reach those audiences. The Director will need to ensure that a broad range of influencing approaches – including evidence-based advocacy, social behaviour change, faith-based outreach, and social and public media communications – work in harmony to achieve CTWWC’s mission.

Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Lead the CTWWC Influence and Engagement Strategy, including identifying and defining key audiences, their current knowledge, attitudes and practices, and appropriate methods for engaging them and changing their behaviors.  

  • Lead the global influence team, co-lead (with the Senior MEAL Advisor) the learning team, and identify learning questions and activities that will be useful for influence and advocacy, including determining and managing a process for CTWWC demonstration countries to provide learning for global influence and advocacy. Supervise 3-4 global influence and engagement team members.

  • Ensure that the CTWWC influence and engagement strategy uses a design-build approach, using reflection and adaptive management to ensure the strategy is maximizing needs and CTWWC strengths, and demonstrates complementary with other key partners and actors within the care reform sector.

  • Represent CTWWC as an authoritative voice in various fora with partners, donors, and other stakeholders

  • Model a collaborative approach with partners, key stakeholders, and other teams with CRS, Maestral, Lumos, Better Care Network, and others.

  • Coordinate and optimize external communications functions across CTWWC globally

  • Coordinate closely with the CTWWC Technical Director and Senior MEAL Advisor to mitigate stove-piping, and maximize/leverage all parts of CTWWC’s work

  • Lead and coordinate workplan development and implementation for all Strategic Objective 3 (SO3) activities across senior CTWWC team members and partners, and ensuring work planning links to demonstration country workplans.

  • Promote knowledge sharing between and across the various elements of the influence strategy and broader team.  

  • Ensure CTWWC generated knowledge, learning, etc. is shared to platforms and otherwise made accessible, available, useable for external audiences and influence.

  • Lead and coordinate all Influence and Engagement monitoring, evaluation, and accountability practices  

  • Ensure close collaboration on strategy development and implementation with other key CRS departments, including Missions and Mobilization for faith/Catholic engagement and advocacy, particularly if there are any anticipated USG-focused activities.