Global Social Service Workforce Alliance National Consultancy: Mapping and Assessment of the Social Service Workforce to Prevent and Respond to Violence against Children in East Asia and the Pacific

Global Social Service Workforce Alliance

The Global Social Service Workforce Alliance is seeking a national-level consultant for a mapping and assessment in Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Vietnam. The purpose of the consultancy is to support mapping and assessment of the social service workforce in one of the countries listed above. A process will be undertaken to engage a country level task group in gathering data for a desk review on normative national frameworks, for an assessment questionnaire related to workforce development, and for a worker survey related to support for the social service workforce (SSW). Once data gathering is underway, a national roundtable discussion will be held to discuss preliminary findings and to identify and agree on priority actions for strengthening and advocating for the social service workforce. Information from this process will be integrated into a final regional report as well as an advocacy paper.