Home-based local consultancy: Researcher to map promising and good practices of MHPSS services for migrant and refugee adolescents, Italy


UNICEF is seeking a consultant to conduct a mapping of promising and good practices on MHPSS services relevant for migrant and refugee adolescents. In particular, the mapping is aimed to:

  • Define a baseline of MHPSS services relevant for migrant and refugee adolescents at national level;
  • Define a set of indicators to identify promising and good practices in the field of MHPSS for migrant and refugee adolescents;
  • Identify the promising and best practices in order to point out the factors of success and innovation and possibility of replication/expansion/scale-up or integration into the system;
  • Identify the main gaps of the system of MHPSS-services for migrant and refugee adolescents and formulate recommendations for their overcoming.

The consultant will work under the supervision of the Child Protection specialist and in close cooperation with the MHPSS Expert, UNICEF Office of Research and the Steering Committee, specifically established to ensure methodological and ethical aspects of this research.