Hope and Homes for Children Request for Proposals: External Evaluation

Hope and Homes for Children

Hope and Homes for Children is looking for an independent evaluator or team with a strong record in conducting evaluations as well as direct programme interventions to conduct an evaluation of a pilot project initiated to support catalytic change in care reform in Nepal. While also presenting a clear summary of project progress against agreed plans, the evaluation should predominantly focus on identifying the contribution of the project to supporting care reform in Nepal. This should include consideration of direct and indirect contributions. The evaluation should identify: key learnings from the project; challenges faced and how/if they were overcome; successful elements or practices and what made them so; and, what elements were less successful any why.

The terms of reference attached outline the key purpose and objectives, expected methodology and deliverables of the evaluation.

The purpose of the evaluation is to assess the extent to which the project purpose and objectives were achieved (results, impact, sustainability and the processes which led to these); identify key lessons learnt and generate learning about the strategies developed so far in Nepal; and provide strategic information on how the project can strengthen approaches to facilitate future growth and effectiveness. The evaluation will also be used as a reference tool for both the organisation and government in progressing childcare reform in the country.

Application deadline is 15 May 2021.