Individual Consultancy - Child Welfare Systems Framework, Lusaka, Zambia



In partnership with the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), UNICEF (child protection) is undertaking a Service Efficiency and Effectiveness for Vulnerable Children and Adolescents (SEEVCA) project. The project is being implemented over 2 years, and will be integral to the strengthening of the national GRZ child and family welfare system. SEEVCA will be programmed through responsible GRZ structures (national, provincial, district, ward, community) with uniform systems and standards across 15 districts in the Copperbelt and Lusaka provinces.

The cross-cutting nature of child vulnerability, and the substantial role played by poverty in driving or exacerbating vulnerabilities for children and adolescents, means strong linkages need to be maintained or developed with other sectors. Strategies to address child welfare need to be driven by families, communities, community-based groups, civil society organizations, and the government.

To support the development and strengthening of a Child and Family Welfare System national level coordination is imperative. This will be facilitated by the development of a Child and Family Welfare System Framework which includes the long term vision of the Government for child and family welfare and the components that need to be in place for a strong Child and Family Welfare System.

Objectives / Target

The consultant will:

  1. In collaboration with MCDSS and UNICEF, draft the Child and Family Welfare Systems Framework that details the verall vision; components of the system
  2. Support MCDSS to kick-start coordination meetings with child and family welfare stakeholders to include: reviewing and finalising the draft framework; validating the framework and support to organizing meetings where all partners report on progress in line with endorsed framework.
  3. In collaboration with MYSCD, finalise the VAC commitment plan and organize a national round table discussion to validate the plan and kick start its implementation

Description of the assignment (Scope of work) / SPECIFIC TASKS

  1. Inception meeting with UNICEF and MCDSS to discuss the Child and Family Welfare System Framework outline and agree a way forward
  2. Using existing documents and policies, draft the Framework
  3. Review the draft Framework with UNICEF and MCDSS colleagues and ensure cross-issues related to multiple deprivations including disability, rural isolation, gender are addressed.
  4. Jointly with MCDSs plan and co-facilitate three meetings with child and family welfare stakeholders
  5. Inception meeting with MYSCD and UNICEF to review the draft VAC commitments plan and agree away forward
  6. Conduct follow up visits to line ministries, CSO partners and others who have provided inputs to the draft VAC commitments plan.
  7. Finalise the draft VAC commitments plan.
  8. Jointly with MYSCD plan and co-facilitate a meeting with VAC stakeholders to validate the final VAC commitment plan

Application deadline is 27 March 2019.