Individual Consultancy - Service for Vulnerable Children and Adolescents, Lusaka, Zambia


UNICEF is seeking a consultant in Zambia. The major objective of the assignment is to coordinate the timely implementation of the initial phase of the SEEVCA initiative. The national consultant based at MCDSS will work with MCDSS departments to facilitate strong coordination of the SEEVCA initiative. The consultant selected for this assignment will:

  1. Support MCDSS in leading and coordinating the SEEVCA project
  2. Provide feedback and support to the consultants after discussion with MCDSS and UNICEF.  This will particularly related to kick-starting the ward-level case management, supporting district level data compilation and analysis and monitoring of NGO service providers. 
  3. Support the M&E component of the project (supporting the building of an information management system that will support information for use by MCDSS national and reporting against PEPFAR indicators)
  4. Support the functions of the Secretariat of the Technical Committee (TC) of the SEEVCA project
  5. Support the MCDSS in setting a coordination mechanism for advancing child welfare
  6. Raise strategic and priority issues, challenges and successes to appropriate MCDSS staff, Technical Committee (TC) and UNICEF
  7. Support other MCDSS activities as requested

Application deadline is 9 November 2018.