International Consultant for Analysis of Protection Frameworks, Referral Pathways and Service Availability for Cross Border Migrant Children

UNICEF Myanmar

Objectives of the Consultancy

As an overarching objective, the assignment is expected to support UNICEF and the Government of Myanmar in identifying solutions/recommendations that ensure coverage of migrant children by national child protection systems, border management and immigration processes, as well as cross-border case management frameworks. The consultancy is designed to produce a solid descriptive overview, analysis and recommendations towards this overarching objective. Specifically:

  • The consultancy will support UNICEF Myanmar and counterparts to systematically describe and analyze available protection frameworks applicable to children in cross-border migration contexts: laws, policies, bilateral and multilateral agreements, and other normative tools that are (a) internal to Myanmar and (b) related to Thailand and China migratory routes.
  • The consultancy will also aim to analyze the availability, accessibility to and quality of repatriation and reintegration services (including access to justice among others), considering relevant global standards and principles applicable to repatriation and reintegration of children, and applying gender- and survivor-centered lens.
  • Throughout the assignment, the analytical framework will need to be based on a strong rights-based approach and aligned with applicable international law and standards, as well as UNICEF’s Global Programme Framework on Children on the Move.
  • The consultancy aims to support UNICEF and the Government of Myanmar to ensure that protection gaps for trafficked children and other vulnerable children in cross-border migration contexts are identified, and recommendations are produced for closing these gaps.

Application deadline is 2 November 2018