International & National Consultant (2 consultants): Child Protection Baseline Research in Tuvalu


UNICEF is seeking two consultants to collect baseline quantitative and qualitative information on child protection issues and responses in Tuvalu. 

Specific objectives
1) To collect, compile and analyse information on the prevalence of child protection issues and on perceptions of child protection issues and responses, and provide a causal analysis
2) To summarise the review of the national legal, policy and regulatory framework related to child protection in terms of alignment to international standards produced by another consultant
3) To assess the quality, access and coverage of existing formal and non formal prevention and response services and programmes across social sectors relevant to child protection
4) To formulate recommendations to establish/strengthen child protection systems and reduce the prevalence of child protection issues.

To learn more, and to apply, please click the link above.

Application deadline is 3 December 2017.