National Consultant for Provision of capacity development through on-job coaching and mentorship of the social workforce to support family reintegration of children with disabilities


The main objective of the consultancy is to provide necessary national capacity and hands-on technical support to government social workforce working on the reintegration of children with disabilities from two institutions to family-based care through on-job coaching and mentorship, including advising on linkages of services as part of community-based support and to document the lessons learnt.

Specific Objectives are as follow:

In collaboration with the International consultant, the national consultant will:

1. Provide on-the job coaching, mentorship and refresher trainings to the social workforce in applying all the 12 case management steps for adequate placement/referral of children with disabilities during the re-integration process

2. Support the organization of training sessions to transfer skills to the national team of trainers to further sustain in-country capacity to train and mentor the social workforce on reintegrating children with disabilities.
3. To undertake field visits as required for provision of hands-on support to the social workforce and community-based support and referral of cases as required.
To customize and finalize the parents’ guides into a user-friendly format for dissemination;