National Consultant on aligning UNICEF’s program activities to the inclusive concept of disability


The objective of this assignment is to ensure UNICEF-supported programmes to be in line with the concepts of rights-based approach, participation and inclusiveness stated by the UN CRPD, UN CRC and other international standards. The contribution of a person with disability in UNICEF programme’s planning, design and implementation will ensure that the programmes reflect voice of persons/children with disabilities and meet their special needs. This assignment will also allow UNICEF to demonstrate its commitment with an inclusive working environment and support to people with disabilities.

Description of tasks

Within the position of part-time national consultancy, the following tasks and responsibilities are specified:

  1. Providing continuous consultation to the UNICEF Country Programme evidence generations and overall strategy development including but not limited with:

    • Review design, methodologies (such as ToRs) and report of all research, studies and evaluations to ensure disaggregated information collected and analyzed to reflect situation of children with disabilities. Involve in the Situation Analysis development process to provide disability lens.
    • Be part of the Child Action Plan development process, provide input to its contents to ensure disability inclusiveness.
    • Participate in and contribute to the new UNICEF-Azerbaijan Country Programme of Cooperation (2021-2025) development process.
  2. Developing and coordinating partnership with NGOs working on disability programmes, Disable Persons Organizations (DPOs) and influential individuals to support children with disabilities.
  3. Building capacity of national and local stakeholders (Government and CSO/NGO’s) on the UN CRPD;
  4. Supporting all programme components in their planning, programming, implementation and reporting process, specifically
    • Contribute to programme efforts in improvement of legislation and policies to ensure rights of children with disabilities are properly considered and reflected.
    • Provide consultation to inclusive health and nutrition, education, child protection and social services, as well as adolescent and youth participation and development
    • Contribute to child rights and monitoring, in particular for monitoring and reporting of CRPD.

    5.  Being as a strong advocator and promotor for rights of children with disabilities on behalf of UNICEF through

  • Support public advocacy and awareness raising campaigns for promotion of social inclusion and inclusive education.
  • Facilitate communication and dialogues to allow voice of persons/children with disabilities are heard and their opinion are considered in policy making and programme planning.
  • Contribute to mobilization of public and private investment to support building an inclusive society including through new technologies and innovations.

     6. Support UNICEF Country Office to set up an inclusive and disability-friendly working environment.

The assignment is part time with 11 working days per month and cover the period of 11 months starting from15th April 2019 and ending on 14th March 2020.

The consultant will be directly supervised by the Deputy Representative of UNICEF Azerbaijan, in close cooperation with respective programme officers.

Application deadline is 19 March 2019.