National MICS Consultant


UNICEF is seeking a MICS consultant in Belarus. Under the overall supervision of the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, the National MICS Consultant (NMC) will support and provide guidance to UNICEF Belarus and Belstat for the preparation, implementation and completion of the MICS. The NMC will advise Belstat, especially the Survey Coordinator and sampling and data processing experts, during survey planning, questionnaire design, sampling, training, fieldwork, data processing, data analysis, dissemination and archiving, ensuring that MICS protocols and recommendations and quality requirements for Disability survey are being followed at all times. The NMC will communicate effectively between the UNICEF Country Office and Belstat, responding promptly to MICS and Disability survey related needs and issues as they arise. The consultant will also provide technical and managerial support to the development of the Universal Data Portal on child-related statistics and “Gender Statistics” module developed with Belstat.

The NMC will be responsible for coordinating and supporting the work of other resource persons hired by UNICEF to provide technical assistance to the MICS and Disability survey process. The consultant will work in close collaboration with the survey team, the stakeholders, and Steering and Technical Committees and will represent UNICEF in meetings and workshops in relation to the survey as needed. The NMC will also work in close collaboration with the regional MICS Coordinator and the Global MICS Team in UNICEF HQ.

Application deadline is 21 March 2018.