Program Manager - Global Influence, Learning, and Communications

Changing the Way We Care

Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC) is seeking a Program Manager who will be responsible for CTWWC’s external-facing communications including: playing a critical role in realizing the theory of change related to leveraging demonstration countries for global care system transformation; promoting strategic growth of the initiative; and ensuring good public understanding of the work of CTWWC.

Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:


Influence, Learning, and Engagement

  • Participate in the Global Learning Team to ensure that the CTWWC Learning Agenda meets the needs of the influence and engagement strategy, across various levels of the initiative, including providing input on the learning needs amongst intended influence audiences and appropriate learning products and dissemination methods to effectively reach those audiences.

  • Support broader influence and engagement activities and colleagues with editing and packaging learning products, in line with CTWWC branding guidelines, in formats suitable for influence audiences

  • Support colleagues to plan, organize, promote and monitor external-facing learning events (such as webinars, conference presentations, workshops, podcasts etc.) and other learning products.

  • Work with the MEAL team to monitor the existing situation (baseline) and impact of influence, engagement and learning activities in line with the Performance Monitoring Plan


External Communications

  • Serve as the point of contact for external communications across the global CTWWC team

  • Under the guidance of the Global Influence, Learning, and Engagement Director, monitor implementation of communication elements of the Influence and Engagement strategy, recommend interventions/improvements as/if needed

  • Suggest and provide content and connections as needed to consortium Communications Teams

  • Manage CTWWC responsibilities for content of the website, email, social and print media, including close collaboration with CRS’ Marketing and Communications (Marcom) Department

  • Manage CTWWC communications products including documents on Sharepoint, photos on Story Lens

  • Coordinate the development of communications standards for the consortium and incorporate them in the Operations Manual


Fundraising and Stewardship

  • Under the guidance of the Senior Philanthropy and Development Advisor, suggest and develop marketing materials for use by direct fundraisers

  • Write, or secure resources to write, proposals

  • Coordinate and edit reports for donors as needed

General Program Management and Coordination

  • Work closely with Senior Management Team on supporting coordination of annual planning and learning processes as needed

  • Contribute to regular reporting, and to country program support as needed