Re-Advertisement: International Consultant to provide technical inputs for the Alternative Childcare Directive of the Government of Ethiopia


UNICEF Ethiopia is seeking a consultant to: 

  • Examine existing national legal and policy frameworks, and the available bylaws, strategic planning documents, etc., which have direct relevance to the operation of the alternative child- care services in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in the light of the international standards mentioned above for the purpose of ensuring that the Directive is in line the national and international standards while making required adjustments/revisions in the draft for finalization;
  • Review, edit and consolidate the content of the Alternative Child Care Directive developed by the sub-groups on identified areas of alternative care under the Taskforce chaired by MoWCY-Bethany joint team ensuring the Directive meets international standards on child rights, protection and alternative care of children that promote family based and permanent care option and resorting to institutional care only as a measure of last resort and for minimum appropriate period of time for coherence, alignment with best practice, language, and structure;
  • Produce final Draft document to MoWCY-Bethany joint team for approval before presenting to the task force as a larger group and MOWCY management for their approval.
  • Share final draft with task force members in a presentation either in-person or via Zoom/virtual webinar and solicit feedback and consensus on the draft as the work of the subgroup members, not just the work of the consultant or certain task group members.

Application deadline is 15 December 2020.