Seeking Local Youth-Led Solutions to Advance Peace and Security Through Local-Level Social Cohesion Around the Globe

USAID Youth Excel

USAID Youth Excel

The USAID Youth Excel: Our Knowledge, Leading Change program is conducting a global grant competition for local, youth-led organizations in celebration of the USAID Youth in Development Policy Launch


Youth Excel seeks solutions from local youth led-organizations around the globe to advance peace and security through local-level social cohesion. Grant competition winners will also use gender equality and social inclusionresearch-to-change (implementation research), and knowledge mobilization approaches to strengthen their programs and influence decision-makers. 

Who is eligible to submit a concept note 

Local, registered organizations led by youth under 35 years, including new recipients of USAID funding, who meet the eligibility criteria and share Youth Excel objectives. Organizations led by or serving marginalized groups, which may include age, gender, disability, ethnicity, and other identities, are encouraged to apply. The grant competition is not restricted to certain technical sectors or to research organizations. 

Eligible Countries: countries with USAID presence in 5 global regions: 

  • Africa 
  • Asia 
  • Europe and Eurasia 
  • Latin America and the Caribbean 
  • Middle East and North Africa 


June 6, 2022 by 23:59 GMT 

How to submit an application 

  1. Review the request for applications and planning and costing tool
  2. Follow grant competition updates online and by emailFacebook, or Twitter
  3. View the grant competition training available by May 13, 2022..  
  4. Submit questions by May 20, 2022 and review answers posted online by May 23, 2022.  You may also ask questions on social media.
  5. Submit application by June 6, 2022.