Terms of Reference: Literature review on the role of residential care in the alternative care of children

SOS Children’s Villages International

SOS Children’s Villages is commissioning a literature review in order to collect evidence and data about the pros and cons of residential care as a form of alternative care service for children, and how it complements other services in meeting the needs of children who have temporarily or permanently lost parental care. 

The objectives of the research are: 

1. To obtain an overview of existing research regarding residential care, and the insights this brings in terms of the care needs that residential care responds to, the effects on the well-being of children/youth, and its role within the range of care options. 

2. To gain insight into the discourse within the body of research, and the evidence-base for divergent conclusions. 

3. To identify the gaps in existing research. 

To learn more, view the Terms of Reference attached. Application deadline is 20 November 2019.