‘I am not my trauma’: survivors of sexual abuse at a Ugandan girls’ shelter – photo essay

Kate Hodal - The Guardian

This article from the Guardian shares the stories of survivors of sexual and emotional abuse at a girls’ shelter on Bugala island, in the Ugandan sector of Lake Victoria. The shelter "had been set up in 2006 by Bernhard “Bery” Glaser, a German national living in Uganda, as a refuge for traumatised children and victims of sexual violence," says the article. But some of the girls who resided there, including a girl named Eve who was taken there at the age of eight, say that Glaser was "taking advantage of his 'rich white foreigner' status to entice parents to leave their daughters at the home" and that "Glaser was using Bery’s Place as a cover for routine and systematic sexual and emotional abuse of the children in his care."