‘They’re struggling behind closed doors’: Doctors reveal disturbing stories of child maltreatment amid pandemic

Morganne Campbell - Global News

"A disturbing trend has led to a plea from doctors across [Canada] as more babies and children are being treated with serious trauma, fractures and in some cases, malnutrition," says this article from Global News. While reports of child abuse have significantly decreased, Dr. Michelle Ward - a paediatrician and head of the division for Child and Youth Protection at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) - states that it's not because there are fewer child protection concerns, but rather because there are fewer concerns being identified due to the pandemic. "Since September 2020, CHEO has seen and treated more than twice as many infants under one year old for maltreatment concerns, specifically fractures and head trauma," says the article. "It is believed the injuries are connected to high levels of stress connected to the on-going pandemic, Ward said."