All orphanages to close down in Kazakhstan


This article by Tengrinnews reports that Kazakhstan plans to introduce major changes to its orphans and disadvantaged children programs. It quotes Dariga Nazarbayeva, Vice-Speaker of the Majilis (lower chamber of the Kazakh Parliament) saying that all orphanages will be eventually closed down in Kazakhstan. The children will be living in families, instead of special institutions, to help them to better adapt to their life in the society.

“The aim of this draft law (amendments and additions to the child rights legislation) to once and for all get rid of orphanages, baby houses, and youth houses, so that all the children who get in trouble and are for some reason left without parental care for some period of time would be taken into families,”Nazarbayeva said during the round table discussions at the “Modern aspects of children’s rights legislation enhancement” meeting in the Majilis on April 21. The lawmaker added that the draft bill suggests a number of measures to attract potential adopters, foster families and guardians.