AP Exclusive: Adoptee deported by US sues S. Korea, agency

Kim Tong-Hyung - Associated Press

Adam Crapser, a man born in South Korea who was brought to the US by an adoptive family when he was three years old, is suing the government of South Korea and a private adoption agency called Holt Children’s Services, "over what Crapser calls gross negligence regarding the way he and thousands of other Korean children were sent to the United States and other Western nations without accounting for their future citizenship," according to this article from the Associated Press. Crasper was abused and abandoned by two different adoptive families and then deported from the US due to an arrest. The suit "exposes a dark side of South Korean adoptions, which exploded as a business during the 1970s and ’80s when many children were carelessly and unnecessarily removed from their families," says the article.