Brexit could mean homelessness for EU children in care, says charity

Maya Wolfe-Robinson - The Guardian

"Thousands of children in care whose immigration status will be affected by Brexit could find themselves in the UK unlawfully, facing homelessness, immigration detention or deportation, an immigration legal charity has said," says this article from the Guardian. According to the article, the Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit has attempted to work with local authorities over two days to help EU national looked-after children and care leavers to apply for the EU settlement scheme for European nationals living in the UK who want to stay here after Brexit, which they say is "designed for people leading ordered, uncomplicated lives who can easily access ID documents, not children with disrupted life histories who are less likely to have proof of nationality or previous addresses." The charity has issued a report to the Home Office calling for adjustments to meet the needs of children in care, including the adoption of an automatic system of settled status and application fee waiver for children in care and care leavers. The article includes a case study of a 15 year-old girl in care who arrived to the UK from Latvia when she was eight.