Cambodian orphanage: Ex-head stole US$1.4 million, molested children, inquiry finds

Luke Hunt - South China Morning Post

A recent inquiry has revealed that the former director of a high-profile Cambodian orphanage founded by a U.S. heiress, the Sovann Komar home, physically and sexually abused the children in his care and committed financial fraud, according to this article from the South China Morning Post. The inquiry, conducted by "a legal team with power of attorney," was initiated by the organization that operates the children's home.

"Sovann Komar said the US Embassy in Phnom Penh had been made aware of the allegations, and the home was working with the authorities to bring Sothea to justice," says the article. "However, it added that he was still operating other unaffiliated orphanages, despite the evidence of serious crimes against children and recommendations from two prosecutors that he be held in pre-trial detention."