Canada reveals names of 2,800 victims of residential schools

Robin Levinson-King - BBC News

Canada's National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, in partnership with Aboriginal People's Television Network, held a ceremony on 30 September 2019 unveiling the names of the 2,800 Indigenous children who died in Canadian residential schools to honor "the children who never came home," according to this article from BBC News. The article describes the residential schools as "compulsory boarding schools run by the government and religious authorities during the 19th and 20th Centuries with the aim of forcibly assimilating indigenous youth." The Centre's director Ry Moran said "Children were taken away and put into these schools absent of love and care and affection. I think many of them probably passed away in quite lonely circumstances." Children in these schools, which were in operation from about 1863 to 1998 according to the article, were not allowed to speak their native language or practice their culture or religion. The Truth and Reconciliation Report of 2015 called the use of these schools a "cultural genocide."