Children in care 'failed' while some providers 'make millions'

Judith Burns - BBC News

According to Anne Longfield, the children's commissioner for England, greater use of private provision for children's residential care has led to a fragmented, uncoordinated and irrational system amid "significant profits," says this article from BBC News. According to the article, "Ms Longfield has published three reports detailing the plight of children the system 'doesn't know what to do with.'"

"All three reports highlight a shortage of children's home places," the article continues, "resulting in:

  • 8,000 children moving between three or more homes within a year
  • 13,000 children in unregulated homes at some point during a year
  • hundreds unable to get places in a secure children's homes"

One of the reports also explores how private provision of children's care has expanded over the last decade.