Children in Out-of-Home Care: Lessons from the Pandemic

Child Rights International Network (CRIN)

This article from Child Rights International Network (CRIN) outlines some of the risks faced by children in residential care institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic and how governments should be responding during – and after – this pandemic. It explores how the pandemic might lead to greater vulnerability for children and risk of family separation and institutionalization of children due to the death of a parent or increased poverty, poor health, family stress, domestic violence, and other reasons.

The article also argues that this crisis could present a "a unique opportunity to change things for the better" and offers suggestions for supporting reintegration of children and preservation of families in light of this crisis.

"The current public health crisis is a brutal reminder that residential care for children is not only a dated concept, but a dangerous one. More than ever now is the time to fundamentally rethink how to support vulnerable children living or at risk of being placed in an institution," says the article.