Coronavirus splits couple from baby born through surrogacy 8,000 miles away

Valeria Perasso - BBC News

This article from BBC News describes the impacts of coronavirus lockdowns on surrogacy arrangements, particularly the separation of parents and their babies, born to surrogate mothers in Ukraine, who are unable to unite due to travel restrictions. It tells the story of a couple from Argentina whose baby was born to a commercial surrogate in Ukraine at the end of March. The couple have been unable to travel to see their son, Manuel, who has been held at a "dormitory-style nursery" with 50 other newborns for the past seven weeks, as of this article's publication.

"All they are doing is looking after the baby's basic health and signs of a normal development," said one of the parents. "But nobody will be able to give him the love of a parent during these crucial first weeks. That is heart-breaking."