COVID-19 threat to kids in foster care

Jessica Bakeman - WLRN, Miami Times

Rep. Patricia Williams of the US state of Florida, a foster parent herself, is calling on the governor of Florida and the state Department of Children and Families "to institute a moratorium on young people aging out of the foster care system, to help them avoid the two-pronged health and economic crises of COVID-19 without state support," according to this article from the Miami Times. "Other states – including California, Illinois, Michigan and Rhode Island – have taken steps to delay the transition for foster children who are nearing adulthood as COVID-19 continues to spread," says the article. Williams argues that if action is not taken, "young people who leave foster care could end up living in shelters or on the street, where they could be at increased risk of contracting COVID-19. They could also suffer mental health crises, she wrote."