India suspends Holt International for 'negligence' in Sherin Mathews adoption

Alisha Ebrahimji - WFAA

"India has suspended an American adoption agency for what the government says was 'negligent' behavior in the assessment of adoptive parents," according to this article and accompanying video from WFAA. The agency, Holt International, was the adoption service responsible for placing Sherin Mathews, a three year-old girl whose adoptive father has been charged with her homicide, with her adoptive parents. Sherin Mathews was adopted from India and was living with her adoptive family in Texas, US until her death in October 2017. In light of these events, India's Central Adoption Resource Authority has made the decision to suspend Holt International.

In response, Holt International has stopped accepting adoption applictions and has stated: "Despite our strong belief that we were in proper compliance with all national and international procedures, in response to Sherin’s death we are reviewing each step of our adoption process and working with all relevant government authorities to determine how we can do even more to protect adopted children."