India's switched-at-birth babies who refused to swap back

Geeta Pandey - BBC News

Two infants born to separate families within minutes of each other in Assam, India were "switched at birth" and handed over to the wrong parents at the hospital where they were both delivered almost 3 years ago, according to this article from the BBC. "It is like the plot of a Bollywood film," says the author. When the couples realized their babies had been switched, they went to the hospital, which admitted no wrongdoing, and contacted police officials. They underwent an extensive investigation and submitted blood samples. Finally, DNA results revealed the boys were not with their biological parents and the court arranged for the boys to be switched back.

Now toddlers, however, the children wanted to stay with the families who have raised them and would not leave their caregivers. "It's obvious the children are very attached to the families they are living with and the affection is reciprocated." The couples ultimately decided not to switch the children and are heading to court again to confirm that they will each care for the other's child. "For the moment, the families are trying to work out a roster, to meet regularly, to become friends, to somehow be a part of the life of their biological children."