Insight: The trauma of growing up in care

Jolene Campbell - The Scotsman

This article from the Scotsman shares the story of Charlotte Armitage, a young woman who grew up in care in Scotland. She shares her experience with the lack of support as she transitioned to adulthood. Two years after being taken into care at the age of fifteen, according to the article, her foster carers asked her to leave. “They told me I was too much," says Armitage. "That really drills it into you. How you don’t belong. It was hard to hear that they could feel that way about me. I felt that it must be my fault.” Without the support of a caring adult, Armitage experienced homelessness and mental health issues.

The article connects Armitage's experiences to those shared in Scotland's Independent Care Review, which calls for "an end to systemic failures that lead to young people like Armitage being caused more damage by the very system designed to protect them," says the article. The article also highlights many of the recommendations issued by the Review.

"What’s clear from the impetus the review has given to the plight of care-experienced children and young people, and the responses, is an agreement on the need for the platform it has provided. With the First Minister’s very personal vow to see it actioned, along with cross-party support, let’s hope those with the power to make real changes keep their promises this time around."