Kenya Govt Underscores Importance Of Family Unit In Child Care

Margaret Wanjiku - The Sun Weekly

During the induction of Adoption Committee Members at Machakos University on Monday, August 17, 2020, the Kenyan Cabinet Secretary of Labour and Social Protection, Simon Chelugui, made remarks underscoring "the importance of the basic family unit in the nurturing, care and raising of children in society," according to this article from the Sun Weekly. "Cabinet Secretary, Labour and Social Protection, Simon Chelugui was emphatic that placing children within a family set up gives them identity, sense of belonging and goes a long way to help them benefit from support networks in the community."

The Cabinet Secretary emphasized that adoption should only be considered "after reasonable efforts have been made to determine that a child cannot remain with his/her family of origin, or cannot be cared for by members of his or her family." The Cabinet Secretary also noted that "his Ministry is in the process of finalising the development of: Children Bill 2020; Regulations for foster care, guardianship and adoption; Care reform strategy; Standard operating procedure (SOP) for alternative family care; Training manual for Alternative Family Care and Case management for reintegration package."

"In his address, the CS was categorical that to further strengthen family-based care for children, the government has embraced child care reforms, a paradigm shift of child care from institutional to family and community-based care."