Newly installed Adoption Board begins processing cases left for years

Kaieteur News

According to this article from Kaieteur News, a newly installed Adoption Board, which falls under the purview of the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security in Guyana, has begun processing adoption cases that were left unattended for a few years. At the first official meeting of the new Board, "it was highlighted that on top of its list of priorities is assisting the Child Care and Protection Agency (CPA) in the process of ensuring children are safely kept in stable environments as well as seeing that they receive proper adoptive care."

The Board also met with Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr. Vindhya Persaud, who said, “The ideal situation would be for these children to be reunited with their families or with loving families who adopt them. Foster care is an alternative care mechanism to reduce institutionalizing children and the Ministry has a foster care programme which it will be improving and expanding.”